7/9 Developer Office Hours


Chef PR #1242 - Add a test and a fix for Chef-5000 - FileEdit
rewriting file without nee…
Reviewed - Did CHEF-3714 fix this? This probably needs to be repatched.

Chef PR #1583 - Make sure to call chef-client and knife that we just built
Reviewed - The New Windows CI boxes can’t run this yet, blocked on those.

Chef PR #1581 - vtolstov: reload service only if it running, if not - start
Merge - Let’s not expand the scope of this PR too far, and take this as a start.

Chef PR #1567 - FileEdit#prepend_line_if_missing
Reviewed - Can we not pass a block to missing_line?

Chef PR #1266 - [CHEF-5035] Allow relative symlinks on Windows
Reviewed - Let’s add an is_relative? helper method and use it

Chef PR #1556 - Anchor regex in rpm.rb to solve Issue 1554
Chef PR #1623 - [Issue 1554] Don’t detect package name as version when
the RPM isn’t ins…
Merge - Test looks good. One PR/branch for 11 and one for 10.

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