8/1 Opscode Code Review


Whyrun testing continues. We could really use some assurance we’re
covering your use cases.

To merge:
CHEF-3338 - Mdadm provider fails to load current resource if the
system contains an unrelated inactive array
CHEF-3245 - usermod group provider does not work on solaris2 platform
CHEF-3234 - add verbosity option to knife config file
CHEF-3331 - Shef DSL doesn’t allow manipulation of environments
COOK-1439 - MySQL Cookbook Tests
COOK-1411 - Nagios server source installs should not necessarily
install the NRPE client from source
COOK-1462 - Add :listen_addresses attribute to postgresql cookbook templates
COOK-1466 - Add mod_auth_cas to apache2
COOK-1300 - perl cookbook does not work under Mac OS X
COOK-1399 - You should be able to specify the bind address of couchdb
COOK-1463 - Add verbose_logging knob for chef-client::config recipe
COOK-1475 - Mysql::Server restarts on config change
COOK-1177 - chef_handler doesn’t work on windows due to use of unix
specific attributes
COOK-1485 - windows_package resource fails to perform install
correctly when “source” attribute contains quotes
COOK-1486 - initialize missing call to super

CHEF-3337 - knife-linode: need access to assigned private IP address (etc)
Reviewed - Should this be an ohai plugin?
CHEF-3324 - chef-solr gets “in `reopen’: closed stream (IOError)” on start
Reopened - Use a slightly longer and slightly cleaner solution
COOK-1445 - Windows_package won’t install a msi that has a space in the name.
Closed - Duplicate of COOK-968
COOK-1461 - CLONE - “Processing” info message is incorrect about the
line number if a resource in a definition fail
Closed - Duplicate of COOK-1436
COOK-1474 - Add :client_authentication attribute to pg_hba.conf
template in postgresql cookbook
Reopened - Please document the new feature lest it be confusing
COOK-1481 - unicorn provider in application_ruby cookbook should run
its restart command as root
Reopened - Unsure how this doesn’t work.
COOK-1378 - nrpe.cfg template in the Nagios cookbook issues a
restart not a reload
Closed - Wontfix, Reporter Tim says Ubuntu is broken
COOK-1111 - Chef-client doesn’t work out of the box with knife
bootstrap windows
Reviewed - Needs a test run by Paul
COOK-1398 - Provider manage.rb ignores username attribute
Reviewed - Consider using ?: or ||=

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