8/13 Opscode Code Review


The cookbook contributions keep coming. This is one of the awesomest
features of Chef’s design; giving you the tools to write cookbooks
that separate the code from the data so the same code can be used in
many environments by many users.

“If you give people tools, and they use their natural abilities and
their curiosity, they will develop things in ways that will surprise
you very much beyond what you might have expected.” – Bill Gates

Of course, the most important piece of this success is all of you, for
writing the cookbooks and being a part of the community.

To merge:
COOK-1511 - Add support for naxsi nginx module, when installing from source
COOK-1417 - Can’t build nginx via source the first time I run it.
COOK-1306 - Bump nginx version to 1.2
COOK-1020 - nginx complains about duplicate MIME type
COOK-913 - Nginx configuration defaults for gzip cause a warning on
service start
COOK-1513 - Subversion cookbook install wrong packages on SuSE
COOK-1514 - Cron cookbook manages wrong service name on SuSE
COOK-1517 - Munin: attributes attributes for max_processes,
max_graph_jobs, and max_cgi_graph_jobs
COOK-1209 - NRPE can’t be stoped or restarted on CENTOS 5 or 6
COOK-1269 - Add passenger module support for nginx through module recipe
COOK-1496 - rabbitmq explicitly needs to include the apt recipe

COOK-1384 - mysql client needs to be omnibus-aware
Reopened - Joshua plans to mimic the behavior of the proposed
postgresql ruby recipe.
COOK-1072 - install nginx 1.0.12 from source recipe by default
Closed - Duplicate of COOK-1306
COOK-1515 - move creation of node[‘nginx’][‘dir’] out of commons.rb
Reopened - Why? Maybe the include_recipe should be moved up in nginx::source

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