8/14 Opscode Code Review


COOK-3037 - Add missing priority option in template
COOK-3345 - add aws_s3_file LWRP to aws cookbook
COOK-3029 - Add Oracle RPM support.
COOK-3348 - typo in openldap cookbook defaults
COOK-3352 - Maven repository_root attribute does not allow full customization
COOK-2472 - Bumping nginx version to 1.2.9
COOK-3249 - Fail2ban default jail.conf incorrect for CentOs
COOK-3365 - update ntp leapseconds file to version 3597177600

COOK-3335 - python cookbook overrides ohai python version even when not used (package install)
Reopened - Ohai doesn’t set that value.
COOK-3331 - dmg_package with no source raises an exception
Reopened - Wrap the resource in a conditional, despite the foodcritic warning
COOK-3032 - Add eventlistener LWRP
Reopened - Why not convert and subclass the existing provider?
COOK-3342 - nginx server lwrp
Reopened - Extend nginx_site ?
COOK-2992 - Add resize support for logical and physical volumes
Reopened - Depends on COOK-3357
COOK-3169 - Add support for compiling vmods into the varnish cookbook
Reopened - Use docs not recipes for examples, use an LWRP instead of a definition
COOK-3333 - tomcat cookbook: SmartOS support
Reopened - document the new attribute

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