8/15 Opscode Code Review


Dan’s been on vacation for a couple weeks so we haven’t been doing
code review on Chef contributions. We miss him and we’re glad he’ll be
back soon.

In the interim, more cook code review follows:

To merge:
COOK-1518 - Missing sysadmins variable in apache recipe in nagios cookbook
COOK-1519 - Add action to remove paths to windows_path
COOK-1111 - Chef-client doesn’t work out of the box with knife
bootstrap windows
COOK-1173 - windows_registry throws Win32::Registry::Error for
action :remove on a nonexistent key
COOK-1520 - Add support for procmail delivery to postfix cookbook
COOK-885 - update-java-alternatives called on a non-existent file
COOK-1528 - Make the aliases template less specific
COOK-1529 - Add default logwatch.conf to email daily reports
COOK-1527 - nginx http_echo_module
COOK-1526 - nginx_site does not remove sites
COOK-1525 - nginx source downloaded every time
COOK-1484 - Nginx source relies on /etc/sysconfig
COOK-1483 - Nginx source prefix attribute has no effect

COOK-1531 - postfix_sasl_auth sets smtp_tls_cacert without providing it
Reopened - Don’t remove smtp_tls_CAfile
COOK-1522 - nginx source modules are required too early
Reopened - Fixed by COOK-1515?
COOK-1523 - nginx http_geoip_module requires libtoolize
Reopened - Don’t apply this dependency to every platform
COOK-1524 - nginx checksums are md5
Reopened - the sha checksums on the data files are already out of
date, this needs a better solution
COOK-1398 - Provider manage.rb ignores username attribute
Reopened - reduces some ruby magic

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