8/19 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-4353 - No way to assign validator property to client.
COOK-3440 - Nagios Cookbook does not permit additional pagerduty-like integrations.

CHEF-4449 - Support backup chef server in chef client
Reopened - Big design questions here
CHEF-4443 - Node run_list gets reset if the run fails running with an overridden run_list
Reopened - Handle Chef::Node.run_list=
CHEF-4446 - add cookbook version numbers to chef-client output
Reopened - Preserve the existing method signature
COOK-3358 - Race condition introduced with immediate reloads when pg_hba.conf has been removed or malformed.
Reopened - Need to consider how this effects setting up authentication
COOK-3478 - Windows support for Wordpress
Reopened - Lots of comments on the PR
COOK-3479 - Added Windows support to PHP
Reopened - Try not to ship go-pear.phar in the cookbook
COOK-3482 - Force git to add itself to the current process’ PATH
Reopened - Please add a comment as to why we have this tomfoolery.

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