8/22 Opscode Code Review


Back at full speed on code review, but still waiting on Omnibus builds
of 10.12.0.rc.0 to come out of the new build making machine.

To merge:
CHEF-2826 - pacman (arch package provider) doesn’t allow for custom
package repos
CHEF-3288 - Running knife with unicode input gives rise to error:
"data not multiple of block length (OpenSSL::Cipher::CipherError)"
CHEF-3358 - server_services using incorrect path to executable under
init init_style and 12.04 ubuntu
CHEF-2004 - knife environment show should have an attribute
selection option (-a / --attribute)
CHEF-2925 - Rename “shef” to “chef-shell” (or similar)
CHEF-3355 - knife status doesn’t respect --no-color option or lack
of a tty while colorizing output
COOK-1502 - pxe_dust has some if statements that could that could be reduced
COOK-1521 - Enable :update action for yum_repository
COOK-1538 - Add iptables_rule template
COOK-1537 - Add Git source installation
COOK-1541 - Nagios: support environments with Windows systems
COOK-1542 - Nagios: Allow setting flap detection on/off via attribute
COOK-1540 - Add smtpd_milters and non_smtpd_milters parameters to main.cf
COOK-1424 - Ohai::Config[:plugin_path] increase to infinity

CHEF-3356 - Support for environments from json and ruby dsl files on chef-solo
Reopened - Why?
CHEF-3330 - Generate standard Chef directory structure with Knife command
Reopened - Don’t force git, use separate files for the skel files.
CHEF-2923 - Cookbook Upload Fails due to Syntax Error in unrelated
cookbook’s metadata file
Reopened - Clean up some code duplication
COOK-1218 - examine omnibus-software’s approach to getting oracle
JDK for java::oracle
Reopened - Use test-kitchen, use ark cookbook
COOK-1500 - Avoid triggering apt-get update
Reopened - Confusing attributes, confirm non-breaking functionality
COOK-1512 - Snort cookbook isn’t up-to-date
Reopened - namespacing, yum_package vs rpm_package

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