8/26 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-4435 - Chef::DataBag.save does a PUT getting a 405 from the chef server
CHEF-4471 - Add Windows 8.1/2012 R2 to Chef Windows Helper
COOK-3410 - Redundant ntpdate/disable recipes
COOK-3341 - frequency and rotate params should be optional when defined globally
COOK-3416 - Cannot install on el6 because no repo exist that offer el6
COOK-3389 - DMG App Updating Failure
COOK-3336 - Added an option to specify a logfile for memcached
COOK-3422 - nagios: enable large installation tweaks by attribute

CHEF-4206 - Chef::Provider::Service::Macosx does not successfully restart services
Reopened - Don’t check service status in the provider itself
CHEF-4399 - Line endings for templates are based on the platform the template was written on not on the node platform
Reopened - Still needs work, nothing has changed
CHEF-4469 - Allow Solaris package install from Jumpstart install server’s NFS share of packages
Reopened - Add a unit test
COOK-3402 - When the ext_dir setting is present, configure php properly for the source recipe
Reopened - Wrap the directory resource in an if statement
COOK-3417 - Make Apache2 optional, and fix an issue with multiple distributions
Reopened - Why make apache2 optional?
COOK-3419 - No default CentOS repo contains jetty6
Reopened - use the yum_repository LWRP
COOK-3420 - Cookbook fails to create jetty.xml because the folder /etc/jetty does not exist
Reopened - The common recipe should be integrated in some way with the default cookbook
COOK-3337 - When Chef installs memcached, it should enable by default.
Reopened - Pull request was closed
COOK-3421 - jetty should be enabled on install and have all states supported
Reopened - start/stop are always supported
COOK-3418 - Virtual Domain Support
Reopened - Needs a big rebase
COOK-3428 - Nginx access logs are not disabled when the disable_access_log attribute is set to true
Reopened - Document new options
COOK-3302 - Sometimes hdiutil detach fails due to cfprefsd running in background
Reopened - Why use force?
COOK-2793 - Improved Windows support for Java Cookbook
Reopened - Document the checksum attribute
COOK-2795 - NTP cookbook documentation needs to be updated
Reopened - Rebase needed

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