8/27 Developer Office Hours


Chef #1627 - CHEF-5075: Fetch recipe_url before loading json_attribs
Looks like we should get this in.

Chef #1833 - tighten up /etc/rc.conf regex

Chef #1611 - Ensure node[:tags] is not equal to nil
Waiting on a test

Chef #1577 - Always check for expanded path of secret file
Claire recently refactored this area, need to check with her.

Chef #1785 - chef-4933
Restarted Travis run

Chef #1924 - Should use client_name instead of node_name

Chef #1907 - Have freebsd port use pkg info if the freebsd version is

= 10000017
Why the change to shell_out? Test has some duplicate code.

Chef #1906 - add retries in additional cases
We should clean up the tests.

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