8/27 Opscode Code Review


We’ll be building 10.14.0.rc.1 with a couple small bug fixes shortly,
but 10.14 looks good. You can test it out using the Omnibus installers
like this:

wget https://www.opscode.com/chef/install.sh cat install.sh # always review scripts you plan to run as root
chmod 755 install.sh sudo ./install.sh -v 10.14.0.rc.0-1

To merge:
KNIFE_EC2-83 - Add SSH gateway and custom connection attribute
support for knife ec2 server create
CHEF-3383 - “validate_cookbook” used knife cookbook site share
instead of "validate_cookbooks"
CHEF-3255 - Knife doesn’t filter out older versions of plugins
OHAI-326 - unable to display some values when specified from the command line

OHAI-398 - use the ruby version that was used to run ohai
Reopened - By design, maybe we should fix the tests.
OHAI-393 - The stderr-to-stdout redirection syntax in the Java plugin is wrong
Duplicate - OHAI-382
OHAI-284 - Detect raid hardware.
Reopened - Use run_command/shellout not backticks, CLA issues.
KNIFE_EC2-79 - Add support for --ebs-optimized
Reviewed - Will merge when support in Fog gets released

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