8/28 Opscode Code Review


OHAI-492 - IP address detection fails if there is an interface with no addresses
CHEF-4456 - Knife cookbook site share fails with Ruby 2
CHEF-4477 - fix typographical errors in autogenerated README.md
COOK-3432 - Chef::Mixin::LanguageIncludeRecipe is deprecated
COOK-1777 - Update activemq recipe for stomp configuration
COOK-2293 - Ohai attributes on first run points to embedded Ruby
COOK-3091 - ohai::default recipe does not check whether Chef::Config[:config_file] is set, or whether the file exists
COOK-3448 - Duplicate code in the supervisor provider
COOK-3324 - Use BEncode.load_file to load torrent file when hashing to avoid UTF-8 encoding issues
COOK-3449 - Prevent torrent status of checking from prematurely ending blocking downloads
COOK-3450 - Actually delete torrent local data when not seeding
COOK-3451 - Use Hash#key to silence Hash#index deprecation warnings

OHAI-499 - Ohai creates a partial cloud attribute when a node has no public IPv4 interface.
Reopened - Needs a regression test, just use unless
CHEF-4317 - Chef::Util::FileEdit.write_file no way to tell if file was modified
Duplicate - CHEF-3714
CHEF-3714 - Implement a method in Chef::Util::FileEdit that returns if a file was edited
Reopened - file_edited doesn’t do what you think it does
CHEF-4465 - mdadm provider shouldn’t pass chunk size for mirrors
Reopened - Add a test for the specific case
CHEF-4481 - knife bootstrap doesn’t let cmd line ssh options override knife.rb options
Reopened - Do we need Chef::Config? please manually test the matrix.
COOK-3435 - rsyslog cookbook should support relp
Reopened - rebase
COOK-3441 - database_user password argument should not be required
Wontfix - We disagree
COOK-3322 - nginx::ohai_plugin fails when using source recipe
Reopened - Why are we using ohai_plugin? can we get some words?
COOK-3297 - tftp is not working properly for RedHat based systems
Reopened - Don’t change the debian directory
COOK-2844 - php.ini configuration overwrite
Reopened - Help users quote correctly
COOK-3436 - Recipe mysql::ruby fails when using percona packages
Reopened - Can we contain this to a single recipe?

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