8/29 Opscode Code Review


Moving right along, we have Chef 10.14.0.rc.1 packages ready for you to test

wget https://www.opscode.com/chef/install.sh chmod 755 install.sh
$ sudo ./install.sh -v 10.14.0.rc.1-1

populate /etc/chef/client.rb

populate /etc/chef/validation.pem

One more time, if you haven’t tried 10.14, please give it a swirl.

Information on whyrun is here:

To merge:
CHEF-3395 - group resource requires gid be an integer but uid allows string
COOK-715 - Nagios cookbook nagios-nrpe-server.erb sources
/etc/sysconfig/network which does not exist on Debian/Ubuntu systems
COOK-1545 - Nagios: Add support for defining host groups using chef
search queries contained in data bags
COOK-1555 - Nagios: Nagios cookbook should include a service
template for monitoring logs
COOK-1553 - Nagios: check_nagios command does not work if Nagios is
installed from source
COOK-1557 - Nagios: check-nagios command only works in environments
with a single nagios server
COOK-1587 - Set attributes need to be removed from the Nagios cookbook
COOK-769 - Nagios cookbook requires non-standard attributes within
the “users” data bag for admins?
COOK-1566 - Removed random splay in favor of a unique sleep number
COOK-1583 - Ability to set a password on a given user
COOK-1592 - Bluepill cookbook uses execute resources to interact
with bluepill, delayed notification dilemma(s)?

CHEF-3393 - Chef Encrypted Data Bag Error due to Different YAML Engines
Reopened - Need to design a better solution ---- Have thoughts?
COOK-1554 - Nagios: The nagios server should be added to all
relevant host groups
Reopened - Must solve for COOK-646 as well
COOK-1580 - Unused roles shouldn’t fail nagios server chef-client runs
Reopened - Don’t make no defaults into defaults
COOK-1549 - Preserve SSH agent credentials upon sudo
Reopened - Provide an attribute to set this, don’t default it
COOK-1582 - ssh_keys should take an array as opposed to a string
separated by new lines
Reopened - Breaks backward compatibility with ssh keys passed as string
COOK-699 - Wrong path for pid file
Closed - Already fixed

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