8/3 Opscode Triage


It was a pretty exciting week for triage, albeit a bit delayed. Our
engineering team extended the last sprint by a day, wreaking havoc
with the regular Tuesday schedule. Undeterred, we got it in.

The excitement comes from having caught up on untriaged fixed/resolved
tickets in Chef, prompting Dan and I to raising to a momentary fake
celebratory toast before jumping over to look at tickets in Ohai
again. After the Chef 0.10.4 release, planned for tomorrow, we will
spend a little time cleaning up our release and contributor
documentation and some of other smaller projects.

The Cookbooks project is also pretty well caught up, but has a bit of
a merge backlog to get through. We’re working on getting some new
folks up to speed to help.

To merge (0.10.6):

CHEF-1959 - file provider ignores create_if_missing
CHEF-1506 - group resource should support ‘system’ similar to user
CHEF-2434 - bootstrap templates should transfer/rendering of
encrypted_data_bag_secret in client.rb
CHEF-2491 - init scripts should implement reload
CHEF-2492 - Ifconfig provider doesn’t allow modeling of onparent
CHEF-2437 - clear attribute list after each Knife::NodeShow.run
OHAI-70 - add support for reporting routing tables to the network plugin

To Fix:

CHEF-1994 - The notifies syntax introduced in 0.9.10 is not
implemented for subscribes
CHEF-1839 - bootstrap scripts should write to a local tmpfile on the
target system

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