8/6 Developer Office Hours


Someone asked how to create a client that could delete any client or
node object. Neither Dan or I knew and directed them to knife-acl and
the Chef Support Team.

Chef #1772 - chef-client should never send negative values for
duration to reporting
Add a unit test and a code comment

Chef #1771CHEF-5022: Differentiate between Windows service startup_types
Add an action for setting startup_type

Chef #1769 - Make access to path use the accessor method
Needs a CLA and a unit test

Chef #1768 - handle nil version in zypper remove
Duplicate of #1743

Chef #1754 - Do downcase on Windows environment key_name too
Needs a test

Chef #1752 - Adds Supermarket CLA links

Chef #1751 - Make solo tarballs work on windows; fixes #1515
Consider location of the helper methods, make the wrapper a module,
more notes on the PR.`

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