8/6 Opscode Code Review


chef/master has the new rails3 webui in it if anyone wants to take it
for a spin and start testing it.

There were mixlib-authentication and mixlib-shellout releases today,
details on the chef mailing list.

To merge:
COOK-1476 - windows_zipfile LWRP should support :zip action
COOK-1435 - apt repository lwrp is not idempotent when using an http key
COOK-1499 - Tomcat Cookbook - manage tomcat users with the tomcat cookbook
COOK-1501 - Allow user to enable yum-based installation of rabbitmq
via an attribute
COOK-1503 - Recipe to enable rabbitmq web management console
COOK-1505 - cookbook attribute expects argument to be a string

COOK-1441 - Refactor mysql, postgresql and database cookbooks for
package installation, and Ruby libraries
Reviewed - Discussed current plan for refactoring gem installation,
will take back to mailing list
COOK-1424 - Ohai::Config[:plugin_path] increase to infinity
Reopened - Rebase against master
COOK-1348 - rescue Mixlib::ShellOut::ShellCommandFailed as well - Chef 0.10.10
Reopened - Don’t blind rescue NameError
COOK-1493 - rabbitmq_plugin provider fails to start a plugin if its
name is a substring of an enabled plugin
Reopened - Use shellout + ruby instead of system + grep.
COOK-886 - chef-server install on centos states /usr/sbin in some
places and /usr/bin in others (and sysconfig file is being
overridden… should be removed)
Reopened - Change paths via templates rather than the flat files
shipped in the gem.

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