8/7 Opscode Code Review


We’re back!

CHEF-4413 - Only the fqdn is used in the file specificity selection, but in some cases the nodename is a better option
CHEF-4414 - when a file or template is not found in a cookbook the error message doesn’t list the correct locations used to find the file
CHEF-4424 - default solo.rb path is invalid on Windows
COOK-3299 - Document the fact that memcache is exposed by default
COOK-3304 - Error setting Dynamic ListenAddresses
COOK-3233 - Special characters still not escaped correctly
COOK-3236 - Add mod_action recipe to Apache2-cookbook
COOK-3083 - Add an attribute to lib directory
COOK-3310 - Grant option missing for root with acl
COOK-2046 - Add RHEL support to thrift cookbook

CHEF-4107 - Cookbooks packaged under OS X can produce PaxHeader compilation errors for end-users (bsdtar issue)
Reopened - Further mock the unit tests, add bsd support
CHEF-3881 - exit 1, not 0, if $DAEMON (chef-client) is not executable
Duplicate - CHEF-3159
CHEF-4364 - Using the ifconfig resource, I am not able to set the MTU attribute
Duplicate CHEF-3029
CHEF-4400 - Deploy resource attempts to create migration symlinks when migrate is false
Wontfix - This is part of the design
COOK-3307 - Make modfastcgi-configuration file optional
Wontfix - Just don’t use the recipe
COOK-3071 - chef_handler LWRP is an updated resource on every run
Wontfix - Not the right solution
COOK-3091 - ohai::default recipe does not check whether Chef::Config[:config_file] is set, or whether the file exists
Reopened - Array handling improvements
COOK-2876 - Add the ability to add custom settings to vimrc.local.
Wontfix - Use a template in another cookbook

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