8/8 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
CHEF-3353 - tests fail on FreeBSD

CHEF-3346 - Improve README format
Reopened - Add more helpful suggestions to the long descriptions
CHEF-3347 - Remove RDOC as a README option
Closed - Wontfix, don’t remove an acceptable doc format that some may <3
CHEF-3348 - Better CHANGELOG formatting
Reopened - Why these changes?
CHEF-3337 - knife-linode: need access to assigned private IP address (etc)
Reopened - Discussion continues on ticket
CHEF-3295 - chef-client installed with omnibus fullstack-package is
very slow on startup
Reviewed - Passed to Opscode Engineering.
CHEF-2871 - Omnibus should be updated to use Ruby 1.9.3/Rubygems 1.8.10
Reviewed - Passed to Opscode Engineering.
CHEF-3330 - Generate standard Chef directory structure with Knife command
Reopened - Don’t inline documentation into the code.

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