8/9 Opscode Code Review


COOK-2820 - Update metadata.rb for all attributes plus recipe option for each
COOK-3312 - Supervisor Cookbook has unsorted environment variables
COOK-2227 - Add watch dir options
COOK-3285 - Change logrotate.d config file mode to 0644
COOK-3216 - Add metadata for attributes in haproxy cookbook
COOK-2748 - Handle /etc.init.d/fail2ban status for older versions
COOK-3017 - add support for vrrp_sync_groups
COOK-3115 - Add ability to install ‘runit’ package from Yum instead of building it
COOK-3316 - Fix README.md example

COOK-2065 - Do not download tarball when thrift has been already installed
Reopened - Still won’t prevent the download of the tarball
COOK-3309 - [activemq]: ActiveMQ Service is not starting.
Reopened - Why did this change?
COOK-1777 - Update activemq recipe for stomp configuration
Reopened - Don’t use 777
COOK-1185 - Update Jira recipe to 5.x version
Reopened - Doesn’t merge cleanly

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