8/9 Opscode Ticket Triage


Happy Tuesday folks. Here is the result of this mornings triage. Also,
you can expect 0.10.4 any day now.


CHEF-630 - Deploy should create the directories it needs if they don’t exist
CHEF-1830 - knife bootstrap no longer prompts for password
CHEF-2342 - knife bootstrap script for centos should use rhel.rpm from
aegisco to install yum repository
CHEF-2439 - “owner changed” info notice on cookbook_files is always repeated
CHEF-2519 - remote_directory create always logging
OHAI-286 - Network plugin has no specs

CHEF-2522 - Recipe DSL should have a method for loading encrypted
data bag items
Reopened - Use an options hash rather than adding an argument for secret
OHAI-88 - Retrieving the IP Address of an interface is too difficult
Reopened - More complex problem. duplicate data in ohai? take the
specs though (clone the ticket)
OHAI-92 - Research using gethostbyname or other methods to retrieve
ip address information
Reopened - What is the use case? Do we want to depend on sigar for
basic information?

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