9/10 Developer Office Hours


Chef #2029 - We now check for powershell/dsc compat in provider.
raise in #define_resource_requirements to not break why-run

Chef #2013 - Support sensitive in execute resources.
Tests could be cleaned up and be more explicit, but looks good for merge!

Chef #1971 - Report a more appropriate error when no recipe is given
Merge. We should probably be dealing with ARGV in spec_helper, but,
that’s our fault.

Chef #1961 - CHEF-1940:Patch for https://github.com/opscode/chef/issues/1940
don’t turn the url string into a URI object in Chef::REST

Chef #1898 - Issues 1882
good enough. we need to fix this pattern to use the logger.

Chef #1724 - Add option --prevew-archive to knife cookbook site share
consider calling the option --dry-run

Chef #1662 - Remove appending :actions and :valid_actions
We need to go back, revert, and add a deprecation warning

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