9/11 Opscode Code Review


We ran through a lot of COOK tickets that were smaller changes outside
of code review to catch up, and are working on getting a more clear
policy for this sort of thing written up.

OHAI-499 - Ohai creates a partial cloud attribute when a node has no
public IPv4 interface.
CHEF-4513 - HTTPS proxy not set (wget only) using HTTPS to download
the Omnibus installer
CHEF-4526 - knife environment edit still is .js temp files
COOK-3537 - OpenSSL and zlib HAProxy source configurations
COOK-3490 - Postgresql::ruby fails with postgresql 9.2 on RHEL & CentOS 6.4
COOK-3548 - openldap::server preseeding may fail if directory does not exist
COOK-2712 - Update upload-progress-module to v0.9.0
COOK-3541 - Java cookbook installs both JDK 6 and JDK 7 when JDK 7
is specified

OHAI-440 - Ohai doesn’t properly report PHP build date on OS X
Duplicate - OHAI-358
OHAI-509 - bad parsing of php build date for Suhosin patched php
Duplicate - OHAI-358, needs a test
CHEF-4501 - knife ssh tmux-split
Reopened - Refactor this into a sub-class
CHEF-4487 - Support chef_repo_path in all knife commands
Reopened - Ruby 1.8 fix, platform_specific_path fix
CHEF-4326 - Notifications erroneously being triggered
Reopened - Accidental Fix Provided hit.
CHEF-4418 - Allow platform_family in file specificity determination
Reviewed - Big questions about the future of file specificity
COOK-3529 - It should be possible to choose weather or not to create
Wontfix - Feature flags for disabling templates isn’t a sustainable pattern
COOK-3519 - Select Postgres version when using PGDG
Reopened - Do these tests really work?
COOK-3543 - openldap::server tries to set up as a slave
Reopened - Set slapd_type to something by default
COOK-3496 - set-env-java-home gets run every chef run
Reopened - This doesn’t really fix the issue, and changes the behavior
COOK-3409 - enhance sudo lwrp’s default template to allow defining
default user parameters
Reopened - Make this more specific than just adding lines from an array
COOK-3549 - Refactored custom modules support.
Reopened - Is this change to the attribute the one that makes the most sense?

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