9/12 Opscode Code Review


Great hearing from everyone their experiences with 10.14, planning another patch release before the end of the week.

To merge:
CHEF-3416 - Incorrect reference to object.raw_data when editing a data bag with print_after specified
CHEF-3443 - Failed registration results in an exception, masking the true failure

CHEF-3375 - remote_file support for URL lists to use as mirrors
Reopened - rebase against master
CHEF-3438 - Allow Chef::REST.new() to read raw keys
Reopened - Upfactor loading the key
CHEF-707 - Change “gid” to “group” for the User Resource
Reopened - Should catch and raise an error when the group does not exist
CHEF-3439 - use knife[:ssh_attribute] for override
Will reopen - We’ve changed this code a lot, we need to very carefully look at the matrix of options

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