9/12 Opscode Code Review


KNIFE-360 - Add support for adding Virtual Machine to Availability
Set during provisioning
KNIFE-274 - Eucalyptus for knife-ec2
KNIFE-342 - Include AZ in output and colorize flavor column for easy reading.
KNIFE-154 - Support new IAM Role feature in Knife EC2 Server Create

KNIFE-361 - Delete underlying VHD blog image from Azure Storage by
default when deleting Virtual Machine
Reopened - Needs to be rebased on Monday
KNIFE-291 - Support for Virtual Networks when creating a VM
Reopened - How does this work with images? rebase interactively.
KNIFE-294 - Use credential file to specify access/secret keys
Reopened - Failing test, update readme
KNIFE-337 - “failed to authenticate as…” when creating and
bootstrapping windows nodes
Reopened - Don’t use an arbitrary sleep
KNIFE-266 - additional sleep for winrm
Duplicate - KNIFE-337
KNIFE-370 - Working with EBS Volumes and Security-Groups
Wontfix - Scope creep, release as a plugin?

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