9/13 Opscode Code Review


COOK-1709 - Add ‘grant_option’ parameter.
COOK-3402 - When the ext_dir setting is present, configure php properly
for the source recipe
COOK-2383 - Postgres version incorrect in attributes

COOK-3366 - application_ruby: Can specify a database_template but not the
cookbook it’s from
Wontfix - Cannot support the template cookbook as a node attribute pattern
COOK-2603 - Install PowerDNS from powerdns.com
Reopened - These changes should be in the server recipe
COOK-3556 - Add Test Kitchen 1.0, ChefSpec, Rubocop
Reopened - Don’t delete the package recipe
COOK-378 - Apparmor cannot be stopped by service alone on Ubuntu 9.10+
Reopened - Shouldn’t need to overload stop_command with a command to
disable the service
COOK-3437 - Generate HAProxy’s configuration
Reviewed - Neat.
COOK-3433 - git::server does not correctly set git-daemon’s base-path on
Reopened - Is it safe to install xinetd? Should we do so with another

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