9/14 Opscode Ticket Triage


Hey folks,

We’re entering into a merge pass and release for Ohai this week. We
should have a release candidate within a week and release in two

We’ve also done the first pass of a new process around getting COOK
tickets merged and released which started with the recent release of
apache2, so keep an eye on the progress over there as well, we’ve got
some good internal momentum.

Tommy Bishop has been added some missing specs lately and we’d really
like to thank him for that. If you’re interested in helping with Chef
but don’t have an itch to scratch, take a look at helping to increase
the code coverage. Inside the chef directory of the chef source,
you’ll find rake tasks for ‘spec’ and ‘spec:rcov’ which run the rspec
unit tests and calculate code coverage, respectively. I notice that we
don’t have any documentation for how to set up a development
environment for testing. If you’d rather help with documentation than
writing tests, we could use pages for that under How To Contribute [1]
on the wiki.

CHEF-1697 - Chef service resource confused by services names with
spaces under Windows
CHEF-2107 - windows service provider works incorrectly on windows
versions other than english
CHEF-2541 - windows service provider reports success on a failed restart
CHEF-2462 - chef-expander in 0.10.2 requires git
CHEF-2534 - Chef debian package should depend on ucf
CHEF-2569 - Cannot boostrap instances on RackSpace because of missing
aegisco rpm’s
CHEF-2579 - ~ in cookbook_path fails to expand on cookbook create
CHEF-2580 - unable to delete via the webui
CHEF-2595 - Can’t use the --description option when creating a role
CHEF-2607 - Missing spec for knife configure client
COOK-738 - transmission needs to be able to throttle downloads and uploads
COOK-740 - djbdns::server tries to put template in symlink path that
doesn’t yet exist (instead of real path)

CHEF-2346 - beware of solr maxFieldLength option ! It will stop
indexing nodes with a lot of attributes
Reopened - Need a solution with less surprising manual work
CHEF-2570 - new :reconfig action for the package resource
Reopened - Please add tests
CHEF-2553 - chef-solr configs are packed within tar.gz
Reviewed - Further discussion opened. Do we need to git-clean? But merge it.
CHEF-2602 - Should be able to specify a secret/secret_file in knife.rb
for encrypted data bags
Reopened - reporter retracted the patch
COOK-399 - Application cookbook ignores nested roles.
Wontfix - COOK-634 is rewriting the application cookbook and
contains a fix for this

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[1] http://wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/How+to+Contribute