9/16 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-4529 - A Timestamp of backup_filename is too short.
COOK-3551 - Allow user to set up a trusted APT repository
COOK-3271 - Runit cookbook fails to install rpm package on rehl
systems during chef-solo and chef-client runs with sudo
COOK-3410 - Redundant ntpdate/disable recipes
COOK-3333 - tomcat cookbook: SmartOS support
COOK-3241 - nginx::ohai_plugin fails unless using source recipe
COOK-3431 - opscode sudo cookbook doesn’t validate with visudo

COOK-3621 - ‘windows_zipfile[]’ resource fails with error
"LoadError: cannot load such file – zip/zip"
Duplicate - COOK-3542
COOK-3542 - windows_zipfile fails with LoadError with rubyzip 1.0.0
Reviewed - Should we check the version?
CHEF-4227 - Update nginx to 1.4.1 to address security exploit
Merged - This was already merged
CHEF-4528 - A value of LWRP action has two cases, array or symbol.
Reopened - look at the provider, not the resource
CHEF-4531 - TemplateContext should be aware of calling resource
Reopened - Don’t overwrite existing resources.
COOK-2434 - Better support for SUSE distribution.
Reopened - Don’t delete things
COOK-2696 - Allow nginx for reprepro
Reopened - PR comments

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