9/18 Opscode Code Review


Ohai Chefs,

Work continues on 10.14 regressions. Thanks to those who have been
filing bugs and testing fixes.

To Merge:
CHEF-3375 - remote_file support for URL lists to use as mirrors
CHEF 3402 - knife ssh says “No nodes returned from search!” when FQDN
attribute is missing
CHEF 2925 - Rename “shef” to “chef-shell” (or similar)
COOK-1493 - rabbitmq_plugin provider fails to start plugin if its name
is a substring of an enabled plugin
COOK-1390 - MySQL service cannot start after reboot
COOK-1591 - Setting up the apt proxy should leave https connections
COOK-1596 - execute[apt-get-update-periodic] never runs
COOK-1610 - Set root password outside preseed (blocker for drop-in
mysql replacements)
COOK-1615 - Firewall example docs have incorrect direction syntax
Cook-1398 - Provider manage.rb ignores username attribute
COOK-1624 - Mysql cookbook fails to even compile on windows
COOK-1580 - Unused roles shouldn’t fail nagios server chef-client runs
COOK-1631 - the java::openjdk recipe should set the environment
variable JAVA_HOME just like the java::oracle recipe does
COOK-1634 - chef-client init is missing for Scientific Linux
COOK-1637 - Directory creation in chef-server should be recursive
COOK-1535 - smtpd_cache should be in data_directory, not queue_directory
COOK-1645 - Chef_Handler not properly deleting old handlers

OHAI 400
Looks good, except we still want strings rather than symbols.

OHAI 279
This will leak file descriptors. Ideally, this would like to use
mixlib-shellout; however, since that isn’t included in Ohai yet, use
run_command or popen4.

If we want to do this, increment a timer in the loop rather
than use Timeout.

However, is the current behavior really a bug? The user can kill
the process if it is taking too long. In some cases (such as
Windows on small instances) it will likely take a long time to
start the instance and having to restart the command with a larger
timeout would be frustrating.

What is the real motivation here? The feature does seem useful
but is it only useful because nodes are otherwise hard to find?

This needs to work on all platforms. The regex won’t
match the Debian packages and the call to rpm won’t work outside of
rpm-based symptoms.

The author needs to submit this against the proper repository
and needs to sign the CLA.

Set the attribute as a work around until fix lands.



Steven Danna
Systems Engineer, Opscode, Inc
GPG Key: http://stevendanna.github.com/downloads/code/public.key


On 20/09/12 02:24 AM, Steven Danna wrote:

Work continues on 10.14 regressions. Thanks to those who have been
filing bugs and testing fixes.

Could I also get CHEF-3405 reviewed and prioritized? It is a regression
since 10.12.x that I’m hoping, once resolved, will make minitest spec
tests work again. (I’ve been unable to use them post 0.10.8 unfortunately.)


Leif Madsen