9/18 Opscode Code Review



CHEF-4534: Chef::DataBag.save does a PUT getting a 405 from the chef

CHEF-3982: wget/curl dep in chef-full knife bootstrap script fails on
Solaris 10


CHEF-4418: Allow platform_family in file specificity determination

Reopen, see ticket comments

CHEF-2985: Chef::Node.find_or_create can inject a nil node into couchdb
causing all sorts of havoc

Won't fix, not an issue in Chef 11 Server

CHEF-3230: Chef server returned an error

Not a bug, see ticket comments

CHEF-4020 chef-jenkins plugin (site link)

Being reviewed by opscode docs team

CHEF-3613 chef jenkins plugin

Good plugin, out of scope for inclusion in Chef

CHEF-4546 chef-solo incompatible with --interval

Hi Noah -- Good catch, just need a test :)