9/21 Opscode Ticket Triage


Triage for Chef, Ohai and the Opscode Cookbooks makes it through all
of the tickets marked fixed/resolved these days, an exciting milestone
for all of us. As a reminder, if you provide a fix for a ticket you
need to mark it resolved in JIRA or we won’t pick it up in triage.

Also a link to a github repository and branch named after the ticket
number is the most convenient way to give us patches. The Github ‘pull
requests’ doesn’t allow us to run tests before merging the code, and
Github won’t let us disable ‘pull requests.’ Take a look at the How To
Contribute [1] page if you have related questions or perhaps want to
add a note for those following in your footsteps.

CHEF-2570 - new :reconfig action for the package resource
CHEF-2626 - Platform/distribution identification for Solaris derivitives
COOK-541 - chef-server::apache-proxy problems
COOK-678 - selinux cookbook needed
COOK-749 - localhost is undefined in database::snapshot, should be "localhost"
COOK-757 - Missing two views from compact task

CHEF-2341 - Knife node search --id-only should not print pretty stuff for humans
Reopened - The second newline cannot be removed and we want a unix
interchange format
CHEF-2627 - Knife SSH should return exit code based on whether or not
ssh command is successful or not
Reopened - Avoid requirement of Knife.run returning truthiness
CHEF-2591 - Chef::ChecksumCache not working due to :skip_expires => true
Reviewed - Removing the moneta requirement would be dope
COOK-747 - PHP cookbook should run “pear upgrade” during initial chef
run, since php-pear doesn’t necessarily add the newest PEAR installer
Won’t fix, auto upgrading the pear install seems like unexpected
behavior for the general case
COOK-756 - Remove slight duplication in mod_php5 recipe
Won’t fix, patched logic incorrect: fedora platform version is up at
17 now, and not guarantee the same package contents as EL

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[1] http://wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/How+to+Contribute