9/23 Opscode Code Review


COOK-3568 - chef-kitchen tests for php cookbook wont run
COOK-2517 - Hash support for ssh_config
COOK-3609 - Add actionqueue to remote rsyslog configuration
COOK-3581 - Ensure munin-node is started before enabling
COOK-3458 - Add support for start_date and start_time in windows_task

CHEF-4086 - getting a latest cookbook list from erchef over split
horizon DNS results in great vengeance and furious anger
Merged - This looks merged
CHEF-4092 - error inspectors don’t know about bookshelf_url
Duplicate - Fixed by CHEF-4086
CHEF-4551 - Error in “knife cookbook” documentation
Closed - Fixed already
CHEF-4556 - chef-client service starts at every run of
chef-client::service recipe
Reopened - This needs to be refactored to ensure it solves this problem.
COOK-3594 - Jenkins server package test incorrectly checks directory
permissions that package installation can modify
Reopened - Fix the code, not the test
COOK-3582 - Add install_prefix and configure_opts attributes
Reopened - Just use configure_options
COOK-3604 - ntp: Enable listening on specific interfaces
Reopened - Remove the complexity, and a README note.
COOK-3592 - allow source ports to be defined as a range in ufw
Reopened - Don’t use eval
COOK-3437 - Generate HAProxy’s configuration
Reopened - Waiting on PR responses
COOK-3396 - Recipe does not account for recent changes to build
directory for the mod_passenger shared object
Reopened - Rebase

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