9/25 Opscode Code Review


OHAI-501 - Add memory plugin for Solaris/SmartOS
OHAI-502 - Add cpu plugin for Solaris/SmartOS
CHEF-2372 - chef gemspec should include dependent windows platform gems
CHEF-4568 - Normalize whitespace
CHEF-4567 - SmartOSPackage class expands to the wrong DSL method
CHEF-4507 - smartos package provider matches package names too
loosely in candidate_version
COOK-378 - Apparmor cannot be stopped by service alone on Ubuntu 9.10+
COOK-3357 - Refactor lvm - add tests, README updates
COOK-3619 - Support intermediate SSL certificates
COOK-3611 - unix_socket_directory does not exists in 9.3
COOK-3620 - jenkins _node_jnlp_test.rb assumes anonymous can can read
COOK-3577 - Cleanup code style in Nagios cookbook
COOK-2384 - Add haproxy LWRP for multiple haproxy sites/configs
COOK-3616 - application_ruby: simplify log symlinking for rails apps
COOK-2598 - FastCGI Module only works on Debian-based platforms
COOK-3623 - Plugins are never updated even if you bump the plugin
version in attributes

CHEF-3283 - MIssing locale prevents Postgresql 9.1 from installing
properly on Ubuntu 12.04
Moved to Cook, reopened, forcing locales is generally not great.
CHEF-4556 - chef-client service starts at every run of
chef-client::service recipe
Reopened - We need to go with a flock based solution
CHEF-4538 - knife ssh gateway does not support custom ssh keys or
complex ~/.ssh/config
Reopened - Add tests, rebase, clean this up.
COOK-3636 - Allow ntp cookbook to update clock to ntp servers
Reopened - Wrap resources in a conditional
COOK-3634 - provide ability to set app pool managedRuntimeVersion to
"No Managed Code"
Reopened - Add docs
COOK-3453 - ssh_known_hosts cookbook ruby block executes on every chef run
Reopened - this is idempotent
COOK-3597 - Implementation of initdb_locale attribute for EL
(redhat/centos/etc) distros
Reopened - needs docs

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