9/26 Opscode Code Review


We’re planning on shipping 10.14.4 soon.

To merge:
COOK-1218 - examine omnibus-software’s approach to getting oracle JDK for java::oracle
COOK-1322 - chef_handler should support platforms that use “wheel” as the root group
COOK-1567 - Add git submodules to application cookbook
COOK-1379 - Register chef-client as a launchd service on Mac OS X (Server)
COOK-1584 - windows_registry should support all registry types
COOK-1586 - Add SmartOS support to chef-client cookbook
COOK-1590 - Add SSL support to application_nginx cookbook
COOK-1500 - Avoid triggering apt-get update
COOK-876 - lwrps for manipulating LVM objects (lv, pv, etc)
COOK-1593 - Updated docs for readability
COOK-1548 - Add execute commands for autoclean and autoremove

COOK-1563 - users should be able to easily add addition jdk binary commands to the PATH in both the openjdk and oracle recipes
Reopened - Not sure what commit this is.
COOK-1488 - Provide an option to build haproxy from source
Reopened - Use a more concise and flexible install attribute

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