9/26 Opscode Code Review


KNIFE-291 - Support for Virtual Networks when creating a VM
KNIFE-361 - Delete underlying VHD blob image from Azure Storage by
default when deleting Virtual Machine
KNIFE-154 - Support new IAM Role feature in Knife EC2 Server Create
KNIFE-207 - ‘knife ec2 create’ times out when creating tags on a new
instance that is not ready
KNIFE-294 - Use credential file to specify access/secret keys

KNIFE-337 - “failed to authenticate as…” when creating and
bootstrapping windows nodes
Reopened - Still waiting for the PR to be finished
KNIFE-376 - Add --no-bootstrap-node option
Reopened - What’s the use case for this? This doesn’t seem related to Chef.
KNIFE-364 -knife-ec2@master: "Can not find bootstrap definition for "
Reopened - Not sure what the fix is here.

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