9/28 Opscode Ticket Triage


Ohai 0.6.6 should ship any day now. We’ve also started the merge pass
for Chef 0.10.6, so look for that in a couple weeks.

CHEF-2516 - Shef::SoloSession#rebuild_context raises NameError for
undefined local variable or method run_status in solo mode
CHEF-2588 - webui status page doesn’t respect environment selection
CHEF-2637 - yum provider - packages installed but non zero exit status
CHEF-2639 - Add FreeBSD support to Omnibus
OHAI-297 - Wiki links in Ohai docs refer to old locations
OHAI-296 - Adjust OpenVZ to support new proc entries
COOK-768 - application::rails passes the wrong environment to “bundle
install --without”

CHEF-385 - Track history on each client check in on each node on the
status page.
Reopened - This will consume an API endpoint for reporting, rather
than handling reporting itself.
CHEF-2635 - Yum provider fails when there isn’t an exact match on the
version to be installed
Closed - Duplicate
OHAI-172 - use rbconfig directly instead of executing ruby to get
environment/config values
Won’t Fix - No known uses cases make it not worthwhile making Ruby
detection a Unique Snowflake
COOK-586 - DMG LWRP can likely accomodate user agreements quite easily
Reopened - don’t want to auto-accept EULAs, recommend on
re-implementing by leveraging a node attribute to express consent

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