9/3 Developer Office Hours


Chef #1926 - Client name should not be coupled to node name.
Don’t override the method argument if set, add tests.

Chef #1912 - retry on HTTP 50X Error when calling Chef REST API
Ready for merge

Chef #1785 chef-4933 (ifconfig provider overwrites the configfile
every time in :add action, and the configfile never be kept
Should be ready for merge, need to check out the test failure.

Chef #1577 - Always check for expanded path of secret file
Needs a rebase

Chef #1576 - Retry on ssh failure in knife/ssh.rb
Probably needs a config flag. leaving open for someone to finish.

Chef #1905 - Stop ignoring colored knife output config on Windows
Ready for Merge

Chef #1899 - Add license information to gemspec
Ready for Merge

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