9/4 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-4482 - user resource allows defining uid as a string but results in re-applying the change with each run
CHEF-4483 - omnibus-chef fails to compile, "cacert.pem doesn’t match expected"
CHEF-4469 - Allow Solaris package install from Jumpstart install server’s NFS share of packages
CHEF-4497 - tag method should be moved into the Node object
COOK-3447 - Allow Overriding Of The Default Reboot Timeout In windows_reboot_handler
COOK-3445 - Nagios: Service dependencies from data dags
COOK-3429 - Nagios: Set timezone from attribute
COOK-3422 - nagios: enable large installation tweaks by attribute
COOK-2098 - Windows cookbook windows_reboot handler ignoring reboot time
COOK-3455 - add Windows Server 2012R2 to windows cookbook version helper
COOK-3459 - Install Maven 3.1.0 by default
COOK-3224 - munin::client crashes in template with "comparison of Chef::Node with Chef::Node failed"
COOK-3474 - WebPI 4.5 no longer exists
COOK-3351 - typo in ldap-ldap.conf.erb template
COOK-3311 - Remove legacy TK + add Travis CI

CHEF-4173 - “insert_line_if_no_match” in file_edit.rb fails silently
Reopened - Another case where we need to deal with file_edited
CHEF-4403 - Environment edit screen: Stop json being escaped as html [Fix Provided]
Reopened - how to be safe
CHEF-3883 - Chef 11 status page does not list all nodes
Reopened - Need some kind of limit
COOK-3060 - Windows 1.9.0 breaks notifications to windows_reboot resources
Duplicate - COOK-2098
COOK-3103 - append_env_path broken post-2.0
Duplicate - COOK-3118
COOK-3454 - windows_package Should Search Update Registry Keys In Addition To Uninstall Registry Entries
Reopened - Simplify this with a helper method
COOK-3457 - Explain ark integration trouble (COOK-3118) in ‘metadata.rb’ and README.md
Wontfix - Ark 0.3.1 has been released already
COOK-3463 - Add WITH and REQUIRE options for MySQL grant
Wontifx - too specific for the database cookbook, should be in the mysql cookbook.
COOK-3333 - tomcat cookbook: SmartOS support
Reopened - Needs a rebase
COOK-3466 - Reduce warnings about duplicate resources
Reopened - Create a helper recipe
COOK-3366 - application_ruby: Can specify a database_template but not the cookbook it’s from
Reviewed - Seth Vargo is going to come up with some alternatives.
COOK-3473 - Allow modification of authorized_keys file on a per-machine basis
Wontfix - Release this separately.

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