9/6 Opscode Code Review


Hat tip to Jesse Adams for digging into the pull requests and helping out.

COOK-3476 - upgrade to 7-zip 9.22
COOK-2212 - Application does not autostart when server reboots.
COOK-3477 - Fixed log-queries-not-using-indexes not working
COOK-3462 - The xml::default recipe should be able to install packages during compile time
COOK-3492 - Test upstart on centos
COOK-3185 - nginx cookbook: various gzip_* attributes fixes and additions
COOK-3498 - Add support for replicate_* variables in my.cnf
COOK-3500 - Rotate logs on supported platforms in chef-client if ‘log_file’ is set.
COOK-3501 - client.rb template resource should immediately notify reload_client_config resource
COOK-3309 - [activemq]: ActiveMQ Service is not starting.

COOK-2465 - Add a compile and settings optional recipe.
Reopened - Avoid Hg dependency
COOK-3475 - Invoking action detach in the ebs_volume provider after volume is already detached results in a failure
Reopened - Provide a message about why we didn’t detach
COOK-2987 - Improved Windows support for Mysql Cookbook
Reopened - Needs a rebase
COOK-3499 - Subversion cookbook can’t create repository - permission denied
Reopened - Make this configurable, consider a different location
COOK-3396 - Recipe does not account for recent changes to build directory for the mod_passenger shared object
Reopened - Use a module
COOK-3487 - Add MariaDB repository recipe to MySQL cookbook
Reopened - Doesn’t actually provide mariadb support, should this be a separate cookbook?

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