9/7 Opscode Ticket Triage


I’m late getting this out. I moved recently and I had to find my
written notes to finish it up. Stay tuned for another email.

OHAI-110 - Ohai fails to detect virtualbox guests
OHAI-175 - Linux LSB plugin should return string without quotes
CHEF-1911 - As a chef user I want to load all my roles from files with
one command
CHEF-2061 - knife bootstrap not finding add-on bootstrap dir
CHEF-2193 - knife bootstrap - search for bootstrap templates in
external knife plugins

OHAI-157 Ohai doesn’t get ip address when multiple attached to one interface
Reopened - Needs to solve for other subinterfaces as well.
OHAI-152 Reports Fedora systems as redhat.
Duplicate - OHAI-154 resolved this issue.

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