9/9 Opscode Code Review


Company meeting cancelled out the Chef/Ohai code review today, but we got some synchronous and asynchronous cookbook code review in.

COOK-2681 - Mysql log slow queries broken for 5.5+
COOK-3395 - Recipe does not compile the version of passenger specified on the node attribute
COOK-1170 - Cannot redefine NTP servers in role.rb
COOK-3116 - Postfix cookbook with a smartos.
COOK-3512 - Define rabbitmq service when platform is SUSE
COOK-3518 - allowing java::windows to download from signed S3 url
COOK-3521 - Add support for http_auth_request module
COOK-3503 - bluepill: actions undertaken by converge go unreported (supporting why-run fixes this?)
COOK-2996 - Java cookbook fails with centos 6.4 and oracle jdk 7

COOK-3385 - Add encrypted (Luks) EBS RAID support to the aws cookbook
Reopened - Do this separately
COOK-2676 - Clustering causes RabbitMQ to be unable to restart after changing Erlang cookie and must be reset to automatically cluster
Reopened - Don’t use sleep
COOK-3381 - windows_task cannot create task with frequency :once
Reopened - Why the 60 second addition?

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