Accepted Chef RFCs for Oct 30


This week no RFCs have been accepted, however one was deferred until some other
work is complete.

Replace chef-solo with `chef-client --local-mode:

There was general agreement that this is a positive change, however it would
be premature to merge at this time given that there are a few major features
missing from local-mode that would be blockers for de-duplicating the code
paths. We will review this RFC again when the chef-client development team
has cycles to address these issues.

RFCs Under Review

Adam was unable to attend this meeting so the review window has been extended.

Proposed Governance and Maintenance Policy:

There are (still) two more weeks to discuss the new governance and maintenance policies.
These documents specify how the Chef project (and other related projects) will
be managed and governed by the community going forward.

Also available on the web as