Allow 'recipe' to accept exact (current) and general regexp matches


At the moment Chef seems (afaict, but I haven’t yet digested all the
spec’s and code) to accept only an exact match in the following:

“recipe[apache2]” in ~/chef-repo/roles/*
This then is used to load the ~/chef-repo/cookbook/apache2

Any chance of accepting RegExp, ala string?
So this


loads the cookbook

Since folder names are being used to infer cookbook names, then in
case of a multiple match, the most recently changed folder is
The value returned by the regexp, apache2 in this case is the
’internal-name’ name used
So this would not need to be changed inside the cookbook:

include_recipe “apache2::mod_status”

Thoughts and comments on opening a feature request for this.

I acknowledge the downside that using the String regexp syntax makes
recipe look like it is a string rather than a hash/array - a small
price for the additional flexibility to brings?

Best wishes.

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