Announce: gitlab_omnibus 0.9.0 released

gitlab_omnibus cookbook version 0.9.0 has been released to the Supermarket.

This version makes use of GitLab’s new Package Cloud repositories for both
CE and EE editions. The cookbook is only compatible with GitLab CE >= 7.10
and GitLab EE >= 7.11.2 (the versions when the package repositories were
released for each).

Existing users of this cookbook may encounter breaking changes specific to
package installation. See the README for more information on attributes
that were removed and added. No attributes corresponding to GitLab
configuration have changed, though.

I do not intend to release any additional breaking changes between 0.9.0
and 1.0 unless there is a serious bug. Once the cookbook reaches 1.0 there
will be no breaking changes until 2.0. Please create issues at if you run into any

Disclaimer: I am a member of the GitLab core team. However, this cookbook
is not the official GitLab cookbook. is maintained by
GitLab B.V. employees. I simply created the gitlab_omnibus cookbook to fill
a slightly different use-case. Users should evaluate each cookbook and
choose the one that works best for them.