Appveyor Test Failures - Multiple Projects

Recently we’ve had some failures in Appveyor for a couple of different reasons.

We are also seeing some failures in several projects where bundler is erroring installing gems. It looks like a problem with the rubygems version on the build workers, as that is the main difference I see between successful test runs and projects that are failing. I’ll investigating and will be getting PRs out to fix the failing Appveyor builds after I confirm a resolution.

There was a release of overcommit on June 14th and it appears to have a symlink in it, which breaks the install on Windows servers. overcommit is a dependency of pry-stack_explorer which is a development dependency in a lot of our projects.

It’s also used with github_changelog_generator (which is why Ohai broke in Appveyor).

To close the loop on this, the overcommit maintainers were quick to fix, but an updated gem has not been released yet.