Can you use the web interface for Delivery on a Mac?

I am learning Chef and have started going through the tutorial that uses AWS. It creates a Windows workstation for you which you can use to browse to the web interface. I have also setup my Mac with the Delivery CLI. Some commands open up a browser upon completion. So my question is can I enable that web interface on a Mac? If so, is there documentation for that?

Hi @kidbrax,

The Delivery web interface supports the major web browsers on most desktop operating systems.

But from what I recall, when we created the automation for the preconfigured Delivery setup, we enabled the web interface only for clients on the same VPC (namely, the Windows workstation.)

It sounds like you’re able to make CLI calls to Delivery from your Mac. If you want to continue from your Mac, you can run delivery review --no-open to prevent the web browser from opening. Then you can trace the change through the pipeline from Chrome on the Windows workstation.

I don’t know offhand what’s involved to enable the web interface from outside the VPC, but I did want to explain why you can’t access it. If no one else chimes in, I can try to find out if it’s possible.

I apologize for this, as it’s not what you expect. I’ll add a note to see if we can open the web interface more widely the next time we release an update.

Ok, makes sense. However, I would like to enable the web interface on my local machine. There is no documentation for that?

I understand we may have to update security rules to talk to machines inside the VPC but is there more I need to do?

update: just to clarify, I can browse to the delivery server from my local machine. It just fails when I try to login. The XHR request to ‘get-token’ times out.

Hi Kidbrax!

I think I know what is the problem with this setup. :slight_smile:

I guess you are accessing the Delivery WebUI from a different IP Address than the one it is configured on the server. If you want to enable your MAC to access the browser you need to follow this steps:

  1. Grab the IP/DNS you are using to access the Delivery WebUI from your Mac (which I guess it would be the private_ip)
  2. Login to the Delivery Server as root.
  3. Modify the configuration file /etc/delivery/delivery.rb and change the delivery_fqdn attribute to the IP/DNS you gathered on step number one.
  4. Run a reconfigure on the box by running the command: delivery-ctl reconfigure

With this you would be able to access Delivery WebUI from your Mac.

Let us know if you have any other problem that we can help you with.
Salim Afiune