Categories and Tags


I feel like there should be something other than “help” to post in. I guess it’s not THAT busy, but what’s the process for adding a new category?


Why do tags exist? There are 5 tags… This seems like it could totally be a useful feature, like “I’m having a problem with supervisor doing X” tag it “supervisor”, “I’m having a trouble with a node plan” tag it “node” or “scaffolding” or “node scaffolding”.

@qubitrenegade Those are good questions; it’s possible that the organization we set up initially isn’t serving folks as well as we’d like now that the forums are getting more traffic.

I’ll bring in @eeyun here to get his thoughts, since this sounds like something in his wheelhouse. In the meantime, what are some categories and tags that you feel might be useful? I imagine something that roughly mirrors our Git repository labels might work, modified where appropriate since this is a forum and not a source code repository :smile:

Damn I didn’t even know there _were_tags! I think the general idea initially was either a user is asking for help, or they’re working/worked on something worth sharing. In those two cases, a thread would start either in Help or Core Development/Community/Wiki. I’m 100000% open to suggestions on potentially better organization!

I didn’t have anything in mind per se… e.g.: I’ve had a few posts on #Help about consul, it would be cool to be able to create a “Consul” tag on the fly… (I think they’re only available when creating a new topic?)

I can point to a few of posts, mine especially, that are not so much “I need help with usage” so much as general “what about the community” posts. e.g.: if I had questions about an RFC where would I go to post about that? It’s not really [Help] worthy and I suppose I could make a case for [core dev] but it’s not really “development” per se…

Also, one that I could see as either a category or tag is, I really kind of see two user “groups” when it comes to habitat, Devs and Users. (Even if they are the same person wearing different hats)

Devs are the ones writing the plans, figuring out how to describe the service contracts, how to coarse things into looking in the right dirs for config files…

Then we have Users, users are the ones trying to download packages from internal builders, they’re the one’s trying to start the services with the bindings. It would be really nice to have a place to “Hey, how the heck do I use core/consul?!?”. Not to say there isn’t, [Help] IS that place. But considering the width and breadth of “core” perhaps it deserves a category/tag?

Do these two really belong in the same help category/tag? They’re both help, but they’re different kinds of help…

Anyway, that’s my $0.02 :wink: