Chef 0.10.10 and Opscode's windows cookbook


Hi Folks,

There are a couple of issues with the Opscode “windows” cookbook
v1.2.x on Chef 0.10.10. We’re sorry we didn’t catch these sooner. The
issues have been captured by ticket COOK-13230, and have been fixed
in windows cookbook v1.3.0. Note that this version of the cookbook
probably won’t work on 0.10.8.

Opscode recommends using the Windows MSI for installing Chef. The
0.10.10 MSI can be found here:

If you have Chef 0.10.8 and windows cookbook v1.2.12 (or earlier), you
do not need to upgrade anything at this time.

Any issues with the v1.3.0 and Chef 0.10.10 should be reported in
Jira. Please use the “windows” component in the COOK project. A post
to the mailing list is helpful to raise awareness, too.

Opscode, Inc
Joshua Timberman, Technical Program Manager
IRC, Skype, Twitter, Github: jtimberman