Chef 0.5.7


Hi everyone!

We have broken out the Chef Server into a Merb Slice, so that people
can easily embed it in other applications. This change means that
much of what used to live in chef-server is now in chef-server-slice,
and the chef-server is simply a container merb-app whose only real
destiny is to include the chef-server-slice.

Please help us to test this change - grab Chef from head, run the
install tasks on bare systems, let us know what dependencies we are
missing, or any way the changes might have been problematic.

Thanks to Chris Brown for all the hard work, AJ for testing, and Ezra
for supplying his original slice conversion code.

See you all at 0.6.0…


Opscode, Inc.
Adam Jacob, CTO
T: (206) 508-4759 E: