Chef 0.9.8 Beta Gems Available


Ohai Chefs!

I’m happy to announce that Chef 0.9.8 is now available as a beta gem for

Chef 0.9.8 Highlights

Chef 0.9.8 has so many improvements, it is tough for me to keep track of them,
let alone pick the best ones to highlight. Here’s a small selection of
the changes
included in 0.9.8:

  • Knife bootstrap can be customized with templates
  • Execute provider support for Windows
  • Knife cookbook site share/unshare
  • Improved knife help and command output
  • Saves the expanded run list and role list to automatic attributes
  • Removed Merb’s process management, include chef-server and chef-server-webui
    in the process name
  • Explain auth failures due to unsynchronized clocks in 401 errors
  • Don’t ever save the node with incomplete attributes
  • Improve recovery from RabbitMQ restarts
  • Improved knife help output

A more exhaustive (though slightly inaccurate at the moment) list of changes
can be found here:

Upgrading Chef Clients

Clients should be compatible with any 0.9.x server. To test chef-client 0.9.8,
simply upgrade the gem. You need to add the prerelease flag to the gem

gem install chef --pre

Upgrading Chef Servers

When upgrading the server, you need the latest version of mixlib-authentication
in addition to the chef-server gems:

gem install mixlib-authentication --pre
gem install chef-server-api --pre
gem install chef-server-webui --pre

There are a few changes in the server to be aware of. Firstly, we have
configured merb not to fork a separate master and worker process, so you’ll
only see one merb process each for chef-server-api and chef-server-webui.
Second, we have added ‘chef-server (api)’ and ‘chef-server-webui’ to the
process name set by merb. Putting the two together, you can expect your process
listing to look like this:

$ ps ax |grep merb
70134 s004 S+ 0:04.77 merb : chef-server (api) : worker (port 4000)
70042 s005 R+ 0:06.32 merb : chef-server-webui : worker (port 4040)

Be sure to update any process management scripts you may have that depend on
the format of the process listing.

Submitting Feedback

As always, your testing and feedback is invaluable. You can contact us with bug
reports, suggestions, or to ask for help on, and this
mailing list. Please report any bugs you find on our JIRA at

Keep those patches coming!

Daniel DeLeo