Chef 11 Client Beta


Hi Chefs,

We’ve released Chef 11 Client beta to, and would love your feedback.


  • chef-apply command: run a single recipe file
  • Partials in templates: there is a render method in templates that renders the content from another template and inserts it.
  • inline compile mode for LWRPs: LWRPs that work by composing other chef resources can opt in to inline compile mode to get automatic notification triggering
  • output formatters: These were introduced in 10.14 but are now the default when running chef in the console
  • rewritten attribute implementation: fixes several outstanding (and surprising) issues with attributes behavior; role and environment attributes are visible to attributes files.
  • chef-client run lock: there is a configurable run lock to prevent accidentally running more than one instance of chef-{client,solo} at a time
  • delayed notifications run on failure: delayed notifications run even if the chef-client run has failed
  • encrypted data bag item format change: fixes bugs with incompatible YAML engines in different ruby versions, improved security
  • Improved configuration parameter handling in knife: Knife now automatically merges default values, Chef::Config[:knife] (i.e., knife.rb) settings, and command line options in the correct order.


If you install with gems: gem install chef --pre

We’re working on omnibus packages but have some kinks to work out on some Solaris and Windows 2003 tests. In the meantime, you can probably update an existing omnibus install via /opt/chef/embedded/bin/gem install chef --pre. This may cause grumpiness in your package manager in future upgrades so be careful if you’re doing this on a not-throwaway machine.

We’ll update the list when omnibus packages become available.

More information

A list of breaking changes is maintained on the wiki:

Non-breaking changes/new features are listed in a section at the bottom of the page.

Feel free to follow up with any questions, and file any bugs you find on


Daniel DeLeo