Chef 12.8.0 pre-release announcement

Hello Chefs!

We have just made Chef 12.8.0 available for testing via the current channel. Download & install the linux package by executing:

curl | sudo bash -s -- -c current -P chef -v 12.8.0

The Windows package is available at this location:

Chef now follows RFC0475 versioning. This means that the final released version of Chef Client 12.8 may have a higher patch version than .0. For example, the previous released version of Chef-client 12.7 was 12.7.2.

Some of the highlight features for this release include:

  • Ability to run chef-client with the OpenSSL FIPS Object Module enabled, for environments that require FIPS-140-2 level 1 standards.
  • The version of OpenSSL shipped with chef-client has been upgraded to 1.0.1s in response to this week’s security advisory
  • API parity between chef-zero and chef server
  • Allow configuration in /etc/chef/client.d
  • Automatic Azure host detection in ohai
  • A new launchd resource

For more details on these features, please visit the CHANGELOG. We will also be filling in the Release Notes over the next couple days with even more documentation on these topics.

Please try this new version in a test environment, and tag any discovered issues in the Github tracker with 12.8. Another release announcement will follow when the final 12.8 release is available from the stable channel and via the downloads website.